Bamboo: The Material That's Uniting the World

Why is bamboo so perfect? Lets look at the bamboo’s importance and the roles it plays all over the world. Many cultures utilize bamboo and its fiber to make bamboo ropes, bamboo building materials, bamboo linens, textiles and even medicine! Quickly we can see that bamboo is a plant that unites the world in peace and completeness. Maybe that comes from the shape the bamboo makes: a circle, which represents the circle of life. The beauty and perfection is in its value and simplicity. Bamboo is one of a kind!

Bootube is about the bamboo. I didn’t know that when I started this bamboo bong business in 2009, but one thing I noticed about bamboo, while working with it over the years, is that I learn from it each day. I’ve worked with many species and bamboo has properties other woods don’t have. That isn’t too surprising because bamboo is actually not a wood, it’s the largest member of the grass family.

Bamboo is one of the fastest and strongest growing woody plants on Earth. Some varieties of bamboo can grow anywhere from 9 to 20 inches a day. This particular black bamboo that we use grows 50 feet in about 6 weeks. We harvest it from Whispering Winds; a consciously grown, certified organic bamboo farm in the East Maui Mountains. Other bamboo varieties can grow up to 100 feet tall! To be able to do that there’s got to be some things about bamboo we don’t even understand.

The fibers of bamboo extend continuously from the ground all the way up to the tip. Bamboo fiber is perfectly symmetrical and is one of the longest continuous plant fibers in the world. Originally, rayon fabric was made from bamboo fiber, but is now largely synthetic. Bamboo is one of the best, purest forms of carbon that there is available. In fact, bamboo is used for making carbon fiber. The bamboo fiber is reduced to pure carbon through pyrolysis, a process using intense heat without combustion.

In many parts of the world bamboo is used as a medicine. Several varieties of bamboo have antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. Bamboo has magickal energy. Some of this energy is evident in the bootube. Part of what makes the bamboo special is its quality of carbon content in the fibers. Carbon is both a superconductor and a super capacitor of electricity and is the only non-metal that is magnetic. Therefore, it has the exact properties of a battery. If we charge the bamboo it will hold that charge.

On the bottom of each bootube there is a prayer inscribed, “use consciously”, which is there to remind you to set your intention when you use it. It’s going to expand or magnetize the effect of your experience. If you don’t think the bootube or bamboo is special, it won’t be so much. If you do know that it is special, and you think that when you use it, and you tell people about it, then it is that much more special. This is quantum physics in action!

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