3 Moku Peace Pipes
  • 3 Moku Peace Pipes

    Mini bootube peace pipe


    Handmade bamboo crutch/tip engraved withour logo.


    We will send you a mix of three different mini peace pipes

    • Care and maintenance

      We recommend keeping your mini bootube peace pipes polished the same way as the original bootube peace pipe, with out Maui Wowie Magick Salve

    Option 1

    About bootube


    The Maui Wowie proudly presents the bootube – an unbreakable peace pipe made from certified organic black bamboo, sustainably grown & handmade on Maui.


    As the global community has become more aware of our impact on the planet, we have a calling to return to harmony with Nature. This is the “green” or “sustainable” way of life that is at the forefront of emerging new markets. 


    Burn Green

    Our attitude towards Earth is a reflection of how we live our lives and the conscious cannabis community is inspiring positive social change. As a cultural and lifestyle leader, our community works together to bring "green" product awareness to the cannabis industry and promote it as an inherent part of our unique culture. As an answer to the need many of us have for more conscious products, we are proud to offer the original bamboo bong.



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