Cleaning the inside

We recommend:

  1. Either with the downstem installed or not, cover the hole at the bottom with your thumb while the rest of your hand holds the base of your bootube.

  2. Using cold water or cold isopropyl alcohol fill your Bootube 25% – 50% full, add a handful of uncocked rice for extra scrubbing strength.

  3. Cover the top mouthpiece with the palm of your other hand, and hold on TIGHT.

  4. Shack vigorously for several minutes. 

  5. Empty and rinse, repeat if necessary  

  6. Re-seal downstem if necessary. see video below


What to avoid

  1. Do not use warm or hot water to rinse out your Bootube.

  2. Do not use cleaners or brushes to scrub the inside.


Beeswax Re-Sealing Kit

The downstem seal will need to be maintained and resealed from time to time. We have melted enough beeswax into the underside of your tube to allow you to re-seal your tube for a life-time! Simply scrape off a small bit of wax from under your tube and follow the directions below for resealing your downstem.



Easy care and maintenance

Maintaning the Downstem



To check the seal of the stem, plug the hole and suck. If you are drawing air, then it’s time to re-seal the hole.

Watch the video for detailed instructions.


Take a small amount of beeswax and roll around in the palm of your hand so that it softens up. Press some softened wax along the edge to be re-sealed. Heat your glass downstem with a lighter until very warm but NOT HOT.  Insert the downstem with a slight pressure and twist downwards. This should ensure the tightest possible seal. Gently remove excess wax with a wood or plastic tool. Use fingers to smooth and finish. Reapply as needed.

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